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RX-77-2 Guncannon

RX 77-2 Guncannon 


Gunpla Used ( Model ) : -HG 1/144 RX-77-2 Guncannon (Revive)

Anime : Mobile Suit Gundam.

Model Number : RX-77-2

Namesake : Guncannon

Unit Type :  Limited Production Artillery Mobile Suit.

Developed From : - RXM-1, -RX-75 Guntank, -RX-77-1A Guncannon A

Variant : - RX-77-3 Guncannon Heavy Arms Type, -RX-77D Guncannon Mass Production Type.

Manufacturer : Earth Federation Forces.
Operator :
Earth Federation Forces.

Known Pilots :
- Kai Shiden , -Hayato Kobayashi  


Overall Height : 17.5 meters.

Max Weight :
144.8 metric tons.

Standard Weight : 70 metric tons.

Power-plant :
NC-3M Takim Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor.

Power Output :
1380 kW.

Pilot Accommodations :
Pilot only (in cockpit in torso with Core Block System using FF-X7 Core Fighter).

Armor :
Luna Titanium Alloy

Armaments : 

60mm Gatling Cannons "Vulcan Guns" 
Dual, head-mounted, triple-barreled gatling cannons in caliber 60 millimeter. Each gun is loaded with 400 rounds of ammunition and fires at a rate of 1600 rounds per minute. Primarily for the elimination of aerial and light armor targets. With sustained fire, the stream of bullets can cause damage to enemy mobile suits. 
240mm Cannons 
A pair of 240mm cannons are mounted over either shoulder of the MS. The mid-range fire support artillery cannon is fed by a twenty (20) round internal magazine located inside the main body of the Guncannon. Each 240x800 millimeter shell has a 95 kilogram HE fragmentation warhead, with a casualty radius of 40 meters. Can fire to distances up to 2.5 kilometers.
Spray Missile Launchers 
The pilot has the option to replace the 240mm cannons for the two spray missile launchers, which consist of 12 tubes, each tube containing two (2) missiles for a total of 24 missiles per launcher. While they does not have neither the penetration power nor the rate of fire of beam weapons, the rockets are not affected by the line of sight and any type of anti-beam coating. 
 BAUVA*XBR-L (Bauva eXperimental Beam Rifle Long-range)
The Guncannon can be equipped with a larger and more powerful beam rifle than the RX-78-2 Gundam's BAUVA*XBR-M-79-07G. It is powered via an internal E-Cap with an average charge of fifteen (15) rounds. Each beam is capable of tearing through the medium and heavy armor of enemy MS and MA that haven't been treated with anti-beam coating. Maximum effective range of the rifle is 2.8 kilometers.
Hand Grenades 
Each RX-77-2 Guncannon comes with two (2) HEDP fragmentation hand grenades stored one per leg, inside a secured hatch on the lower part of the limb. All the MS need to do is reach down and pull the grenade from the storage rack. Once this is done the grenade is already armed. There is a five to seven second fuse, allowing enough time for the Guncannon to throw the grenade safely away. The average throwing distance is about 300 meters.
* Special Equipment and Features   

Core Block System

The prototype mobile suits produced by the Earth Federation Forces' Operation V, are equipped with a central block which houses the mobile suit's cockpit, control systems and main power source. This core block can eject in case of emergency and unfold into a small Core Fighter.

**Gundam source info from gundam wiki

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