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Monday, 18 July 2016

Gundam Leopard Da Vinci Air Buster

Leopard Da Vinci Air Buster


Gunpla Used ( Model ) : Gundam Leopard Da Vinci, Saviour Gundam.

Model Number : GT-9600-DV-AB

Namesake : Leopardo da Vinci Air Buster

Unit Type :  Custom Artillery Mobile Suit.

Developed From : -GT-9600-DV, -GT-9600 Gundam Leopard

Variant : -


Overall Height : 17 meters.

Max Weight :

Standard Weight : 8.5 metric tons.

Power-plant :
Ultracompact Fusion Reactor.

Power Output :

Pilot Accommodations :

Armor :
Lunar Titanium Alloy

MS Short Explanation :
Gundam Leopard Da Vinci Air Buster is a gundam that created based on Gundam leopard da vinci. This Unit is a Custom Artillery Mobile Suit. With the addition of Air Buster weapon pack, this Gundam can fly and move faster than usual. Its most powerful weapons is a pair of Hyper Beam Gatling Gun and a pair of Plasma Beam cannon that attached in Hyper Beam Gatling Gun. With many weapons such as beam weapons and missile also other Artillery weapons, this Gundam expert in the medium range combat-away.

Armaments : 

M106 "Amfortas" Plasma Beam Cannon
They are attached to the suit's backpack and they are movable. M106 "Amfortas" Plasma Beam Cannon are improved version of ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam's M100 "Balaena" plasma beam cannons.

Head Vulcan
Mounted in the head above the eyes, the pair of head vulcans have a high-rate of fire but little penetrating power. The head vulcans are used for purposes such as missile interception.

Head Canon
Mounted in the head below the head vulcans, the pair of head cannons have higher firepower than the vulcans. The head cannons are used for damaging enemy unit's joints and sensors during close combat.

Beam Rifle + Beam Shotgun
A handheld ranged beam weaponry, the beam rifle is the suit's main weapon. It can draw energy from the suit when attached to the forearm hardpoint.  and beam shotgun is mounted at the bottom of the beam rifle.

Beam Cannon
Mounted on the suit, one twin-barrel beam cannon is attached to each shoulder hardpoint. By rotating around the hard point, the beam cannons can be used to attack enemy units around the suit.

Missile Pod
The missile pod is mounted on each leg hardpoint. The missile pod carries 10 missiles, 5 in front and 5 in the back. After firing the missiles in front, the missile pod rotates to fire the missiles in the back.

Hyper Beam Gatling
The suit has two hyper beam gatlings, one on each side of the backpack. When in use, the hyper beam gatling swings under the shoulder and a grip is revealed for the suit's hand. The hyper beam gatling can also be positioned above the shoulders


**Original Gundam Info From

Monday, 11 January 2016

[ FINISHED ] HG 1/144 : FA.CB-000.5/H - Full Assault Half Reborn Gundam

Full Assault Half Reborn Gundam

Modeler : KoonD

Gunpla Used : HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam, HG 1/144 1.5 Gundam, HG 1/144 Aegis Gundam, SD Freedom 

Developed From : - Half Reborn Gundam, - Aerial Half Reborn Gundam ( Next Project

Model Number : FA.CB-000.5/H

Namesake: Full Assault Half Reborns Gundam.

Power Plant : 3x GN Drive ( Triple GN Drive )

Propulsion : GN Verniers

Armor : - E-Carbon , -GN Composite Armor.

Armaments : -3x Large GN Beam Saber (2x in shoulder and 1 in GN shield) , -GN Beam sword, -Custom GN Buster Rifle Ex , -GN Buster Sub-Machine Gun, -8x Large GN Fin Fangs, -4x Small GN Fin Fangs, -GN Plasma Cannon, -Heat Slasher (on boots).

Special Equipment and Feature : -Optical Camouflage, -Trans Am System, -GN Field, -Bit Control System.

*MS Short Explanation

Full Assault Half Reborn Gundam is one variant of Half Reborn Gundam. This package is a most powerful package of Gundam half reborn. With 8 large fangs and dual custom buster rifle as main weapon  to destroy the opponent. This Gundam Also equipped with GN shield and GN Field as a defense system, Bit Control System to control the remote bits / fangs and has Trans-Am System to boost firepower, speed and defense units.

-- Left and Right View --

-- Heat Slasher --
Located in the shoes, which serves as Gundam Sandrock  heat shotel that can cut an enemy in half with each slash.
-- GN Shield/Small GN Fin Fangs Container --

Similar to the GNW-20000 Arche Gundam, the GN Fangs are stored in F.A Half Reborns' Gundam's shield and Plasma Cannon side skirt (4 on each location). These fangs function as beam daggers and are highly maneuverable.

-- Large GN Fin Fangs --
Located on the back of F.A Half Reborns, these also serve as its verniers. The Large Fin Fangs have greater fire power than regular GN Fangs, but are larger thus more easily destroyed. The large GN fin fangs can detach and be remotely operated like other fang weapons. When detached the fin fangs act as mobile cannons, firing a beam equal to that when used by the Reborns Cannon. FA Half Reborn have 8 Large Fin Fang, Large Fin Fang colored Red and Black. The red one act as mobile cannons, firing a beam equal to that when used by the reborns Cannon and the black one can function like the red color Large Fin Fang, can also work as small GN fin fangs (fangs function as beam daggers and are highly maneuverable ).

 -- Large GN Shield Sword ( Large GN Beam Saber ) --
The large beam sabers uses more power and emits a larger than average beam saber (as its name suggests). The beam saber is significantly more powerful than the average beam saber.

-- Custom GN Buster Rifle Ex ( with additional GN Rifle ) --

Most powerful beam weapon of the Half Reborns Gundam. Its firepower matches that of Seravee's GN Bazooka. Its power output is variable. In Burst mode it is a powerful beam cannon, and in Rapid mode the rifle's rate of fire increases which is in line for the more well-balanced  and it's output is slightly higher than that of a standard beam rifle.  With the addition of GN Rifle to shoot / penetrate enemy equipped with anti-beam / GN-field system.

-- GN Buster Sub-Machine Gun ( with additional Beam Saber ) --

GN Buster Sub-MachineGun is a Powerful beam weapon used for rapid firing with more  firepower then the Arios GN Beam Machine Gun. In Burst mode it is a powerful scattering  particle beam like psycho mega particle beam cannon, and can even tear through some mobile suits at point-blank range. In addition, a beam saber can be emitted from the bottom of the rifle's barrel for melee combat.
-- GN Plasma Cannon --

A pair of powerful plasma beam cannons located in the side skirt. The plasma beam cannon has the powerful  firepower and long attack range.

 *Other :

-- Dual Rifle --

 **Original Gundam Info from Gundam Wiki.